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Having a well-crafted resume and cover letter, being able to prepare for an interview effectively, and using your contacts and network, both at HLS and outside of the law school, are essential in helping you discover opportunities available to you and land the job you want.

Resumes and Cover Letters

A strong resume and cover letter are essential to making a good first impression with an employer. OPIA is available to work with you to perfect these documents.

Before we review your resume we ask that you format it according to the examples offered below.

Tips and Examples

Submit Your Resume and Cover Letter for Review

Email your resume and cover letter to (for 1Ls, after October 15). We will return our edits within a week.

Specialty Guides and Online Resources

Use these tools to learn more about careers in public interest law and find organization listings and job postings.

Networking, Interviewing, and Negotiating

Networking will help you deepen your understanding of those fields that you find most interesting and may actually send you in new directions. Because the public interest community is so small, especially within particular practice areas, many fairly connected public interest job seekers find leads or work exclusively through networking.

Networking Tips

Interviewing is in many, if not most, cases the determining factor in securing public service job offers. Be sure to prepare for your interview by researching the position and employer, and speaking with OPIA’s attorney advisors about what you should know going into an interview, perhaps even scheduling a practice interview.

Interviewing & Follow-up

Learn how to respond to an offer and negotiate for more time or more information to make your decision. This section also covers split summers. Remember, you are never permitted to renege on an offer once you have accepted it.

Negotiating Your Offer

Need space for an interview?

OPIA offers phone and fax access for students who need to conduct interviews or submit application materials for public interest positions. Please stop by our office or email to make an appointment. Several days advance notice is helpful for phone access!