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Resume and Cover Letter Review

Students may email their resumes to for review; it is helpful to indicate the practice areas you are considering. Comments will be emailed to you in 5-7 business days.

We will also review one cover letter per student (two if they are for very different types of positions). When emailing your cover letter, include a copy of your resume for reference.

Fellowship Application Material Review

Judy Murciano, Associate Director and Director of Fellowships, works with fellowships applicants on brainstorming, drafts, and revisions. Sign up online for an appointment with Judy to review your applications; to use your appointment most productively, please send your materials at least 48 hours in advance.

Other Materials

In most cases, OPIA does not review writing samples; exceptions may be made for fellowship applications. Review of other materials (such as DOJ application essays) should be discussed during your advising appointment.

Phone and Fax Access

We offer phone and fax access for students who need to conduct interviews or submit application materials for public interest positions. Please stop by our office or call (617) 495-3108 to make an appointment for these services. Several days advance notice is helpful for phone access!

The Office of Career Services can help facilitate videoconferencing.

Mock Interviews

You may sign up for a mock interview using our online appointment system. Select “€œMock Interview” to sign up for a session with Renay Frankel or Nima Eshghi. You may schedule a mock interview with another advisor (Judy Murciano conducts them for fellowships, and Carolyn Stafford Stein is available for alumni) by scheduling a regular appointment and indicating “€œmock interview”€ in the notes.

Forms and Signatures

OPIA can sign certain forms needed for summer internships, typically for federal government offices or government agencies abroad. Please bring all completed paperwork to OPIA for review. All SPIF Paperwork goes to Student Financial Services, WCC 5027.


Students in need of fingerprinting for security clearances should visit HUPD at 1033 Massachusetts Avenue.


Several staff members in the Dean of Students Office, WCC 3039, are certified notaries.