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OCS Audio

  • International Student FAQs for EIP (Podcast)

    April 14, 2023

    OCS adviser Yih-hsien Shen discusses issues that international students can face during EIP.

  • Real World Orientation (Podcast)

    April 13, 2023

    Congratulations on finishing up law school! In this podcast Assistant Dean Mark Weber and OCS Alumni Advisor, Margie Boone discuss your first years of “Real…

  • Randall Jackson

    Government and Internal Investigations: Randall Jackson ’03

    March 29, 2023

    Randall Jackson ’03, Partner, Willkie Farr & Gallagher, New York Randall Jackson ’03 is a Partner at Willkie Farr & Gallagher in New York.

  • Philadelphia Legal Market Podcast

    March 28, 2023

    Legal Market Information Hear Betsy DiPardo discuss the Philadelphia legal market with with Nichole Badger and Neil Subramanya of BCS Search. The opinions…

  • Ten Tricky Interview Questions (podcast)

    March 28, 2023

    In this podcast you will find advice on how to answer 10 common—but sometimes tricky—interview questions. Keep in mind that every interview basically focuses on one primary question: “Why should we hire you?” As you think about your answers to these questions, remember that your goal is to help your interviewer assess whether you are a good match for them.

  • EIP Intro For Transfer Students (Podcast)

    March 17, 2023

    Congratulations on your acceptance to Harvard Law School! Get up to speed on the Early Interview Program at HLS with this podcast exclusively for transfer students. This podcast will help you navigate the logistics of EIP and get you prepped for a great EIP week.

  • Southern California Legal Market Podcast

    March 3, 2023

    Hear Margie Boone of OCS discuss the Southern California legal market with Eve Jaffe, president of Garb Jaffe & Associates Legal Placement.

  • Northern California Legal Market Podcast

    March 3, 2023

    Hear Dena Sacco discuss the Northern California legal market with Summer Eberhard, a recruiter from Major, Lindsey & Africa.

  • Antitrust Practice: Elaine Ewing ’07

    March 3, 2023

    Deborah Feinstein '87 is a partner in Arnold & Porter's Washington, DC office where she does "antitrust government work" working with federal government regulators like the FTC to approve different transactions, such as the Comcast acquisition of NBC.

  • 10 Things You Should Know About Big Law Podcast

    March 3, 2023

    You have likely heard a lot of things about Big Law and may have a general sense of what to expect. But, you may also…

  • London Legal Market Podcast

    March 2, 2023

    Hear Marjorie Lichtenberger of OCS discuss the state of the legal market for U.S. law students and grads in London with April Stockfleet, a recruiter based in Europe. 

  • Denver Legal Market (Podcast)

    February 16, 2023

    Margie Boone from OCS discusses the Denver legal market with Beth Woods, a Managing Director with Major, Lindsey & Africa. 

  • New York Legal Market Podcast

    February 15, 2023

    Hear Margie Boone from OCS discuss the New York legal market with Nicole Donnelly, a recruiter from Cardinal Legal Search.

  • Sports Law: Jeanifer Parsigian ’12

    February 13, 2023

    Jeanifer practice is focused on focuses on all aspects of antitrust/competition, sports law, intellectual property, and complex litigation. Jeanifer has a major role in Winston’s sports practice, successfully trying antitrust claims to a landmark win for college athletes against the NCAA upheld by the Supreme Court, and in a high-stakes, high-profile gender discrimination lawsuit on behalf of the Women’s National Soccer Team in their pursuit of equal pay.

  • Podcast: Logistics and Choosing Firms for EIP Preview

    February 7, 2023

    In this podcast, we’re going to talk about Preview, which is a part of our Early Interview Program, also known as EIP. I’ll be covering what Preview is; how it relates to EIP; how to think about choosing your Preview firms; and finally, what happens to your application once firms receive your materials.

  • Podcast: Assessing Firm Selectivity

    February 1, 2023

    Understanding whether a law firm office is "highly selective" or a "target" for you is not an exact science. But this podcast can help. Region-specific information is included.

  • Data Privacy and Cybersecurity: Shannon Yavorsky

    January 20, 2023

    Practice Area Podcast Series Shannon Yavorsky, Chair of Orrick’s Global Cyber, Privacy, & Data Innovation Group…

  • Podcast: Narrowing Down Geographic Locations

    January 4, 2023

    As you prepare for EIP, you need to determine in which city you would like to spend your 2L summer and begin your legal career. For some students the answer to this question is easy and for others narrowing down the choices is a genuine struggle. In this podcast, advisor Betsy Dipardo offers suggestions on how to decide on a location and also explains how critical it is that you make these choices now rather than putting them off until later.