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Fellowship Tips

  • ACLU, Deadline: (varies by fellowship) October 1, 2023

    September 3, 2023

    The ACLU runs multiple different organization-based fellowships for specific targeted litigation (Brennan First Amendment/National Security, Technology, and Privacy; Karpatkin Racial Justice Fellowship is now 2 yrs, etc.). Familiarity with their ongoing litigation and latest policy advocacy, as well as highlighting your writing and research skills, are key for integrating into their team hiring. Sign up for advising with Judy Murciano by making a Fellowship appointment.

  • Fulbright International Scholarship, Internal Deadline: (varies by country) October 1, 2023

    September 3, 2023

    Please note that some deadlines vary by host country. Check the national deadline for your host country to determine which internal deadline you must meet. Project proposal should be endemic to the host country, detailed in methodology, and positioned as a “novel contribution to the field” driven by “why” and “how” questions for critical analysis. Besides the three letters of recommendation for a Fulbright (preferably 2 of the 3 from HLS Faculty), you will need a Letter of Affiliation from the host country (faculty from institute of higher learning/NGO), a language form from someone who has taught the host’s official language, and a Campus Evaluation (discuss with Judy Murciano in a fellowship advising appointment or during drop-in office hours). Submit your drafts for review well in advance of the internal deadline. 

  • Presidential Management Fellowship, Deadline: September 12-25, 2023. Apply early!

    August 27, 2023

    Prepare for the PMF by carefully reading the updated Applicant Handbook with practice questions. Note: 1) Register with your personal Gmail email address, NOT your HLS .edu email address; 2) Request a signed form on HLS letterhead from the HLS Registrar attesting to your status as a student in good standing who is due to graduate by May 2024. This form is critical and must be ready for uploading together with your transcript and resume (and a certification of veterans’ preference, Native American status, or specially granted accommodations)  before you take the PMF exam; 3) Take the exam early and in one sitting. 

  • Americans United for Separation of Church and State, Deadline: September 12, 2023

    August 27, 2023

    Americans United for Separation of Church and State is looking for a two-year (Aug./Sep. 2024–Aug./Sep. 2026) Constitutional Litigation Fellow who is committed to civil rights, impact litigation, and upholding core First Amendment protections. Your work will include defending the rights of women, LGBTQ people, and racial and religious minorities against religion-based discrimination and oppression. And you will fight to keep religion out of government—including through challenges to religious activities in public schools, public financing of religious institutions, and government-sponsored religion in the public square.

  • Equal Justice Works Fellowship, Deadline: September 12, 2023

    August 27, 2023

    EJW Fellows seek to meet the unmet legal needs of marginalized communities in a wide range of issue areas highlighted on their website. Project-driven, the EJW application prioritizes: 1) a clearly defined problem of significant magnitude; 2) an ambitious but feasible means to address the problem with an impactful, creative/innovative concrete strategy; 3) a sustainable and scalable solution; 4) a series of opportunities for engaging the sponsoring firm/corporation in the project. EJW proposals can often serve as a template for many additional fellowships throughout the year. Recommendations sent directly to the EJW portal must be received a week before the deadline. Sign-up for advising with Judy Murciano by making a Fellowship appointment. Please check the EJW site for relevant info sessions and Guide. 

  • Skadden Fellowship, Deadline: September 8, 2023

    August 27, 2023

    Skadden Fellows address civil legal services for low-income individuals to foster economic security and provide access to justice for marginalized communities. Whether you are conducting direct legal services or working on impact systemic change, it is critical to identify clients’ legal needs first and address the racial justice lens of your work overall. Host organizations may attach to their sponsorship letter community and/or media support for the targeted issue. Former and current Fellows can also contribute additional supporting letters for your work. Please consult the Skadden Application page for important dates. Sign-up early for mock interviews with Judy Murciano by selecting Fellowship Advising when making an appointment. Semi-finalists often design colorful one-page handouts for their interviews.

  • Borchard Fellowship, Application Deadline: April 1, 2023

    March 9, 2023

    You are encouraged to apply for the Borchard Fellowship even if you have not worked on Elder Law issues in the past. An Elder Law lens can often be applied to the work you’re doing whether it involves housing, employment, health issues, or criminal law. Past fellows have worked on issues ranging from immigration detention to consumer affairs. For assistance with your application, set up an appointment with Judy Murciano or attend Judy’s drop-in hours.

  • Human Rights Program Henigson and Satter Fellowships, Application Deadline: March 27, 2023

    February 1, 2023

    These fellowships require pre-review approval at least a month before they are due. Consult with HRP Associate Director Abadir Ibrahim.

  • Interviews: Make Them Stick!

    January 7, 2023

    Interviews that persuade and stick reflect five key elements.

  • Public Service Venture Fund Organization-Based Fellowship, Application Deadline: February 6, 2023

    December 7, 2022

    All applicants must carefully consult the PSVF Org-Based details and MOU to check for eligibility for themselves and the host organization before January 9, 2023. Prior efforts to secure a PSVF host may include non-PSVF eligible organizations, but all jobs and fellowships listed must show an authentic effort to launch a long-term public interest career for which the candidate is realistically qualified.

  • Committee on General Scholarships Kennedy, Knox and Sheldon Traveling Fellowships, Deadline: January 11, 2023

    November 10, 2022

    The CGS Traveling Fellowship looks for strong research skills and focused, purposeful travel driven by a clear methodology to make a novel contribution anywhere abroad. It is restricted to J.D.s and S.J.D.s due to graduate in 2023. The three fellowships are bundled as one, but Knox can only go to a UK/Commonwealth country. Kennedy/Sheldon can go to more than one country. This application requires a Fellowship Advising appointment in advance of submission to CARAT.

  • Public Service Venture Fund Seed Grant Optional Letter of Intent, Deadline: November 30, 2022; and Application, Deadline: January 13, 2023

    October 28, 2022

    Emphasize the need for launching an ambitious but feasible non-profit that is scalable and sustainable to meet an unmet need with Theory of Change.

  • The Archie Southgate Fellowship with GBLS, Deadline: January 13, 2023

    October 13, 2022

    This fellowship for HLS students only is a two-step process: 1) secure a position with the GBLS unit that will host you; 2) collaborate with the host unit on whether you will serve as a staff attorney or work on a special project. Remember that you are still eligible to apply for a two-year EJW following a one-year school-funded fellowship.

  • Immigrant Justice Corps, Deadline: November 18, 2022

    October 6, 2022

    Demonstrate a strong commitment to immigration work and policy reform. Highlight proficiency in languages other than English, cultural competence, trauma-sensitive interview skills, and direct representation. Mention stakeholders, movement lawyering, and collaborative work in high pressured settings with diverse individuals and age groups. Indicate readiness to take the bar. Contact your first-choice organizations to express interest.