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We build open source tools used at Harvard and beyond that preserve and expand access to knowledge.

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Our Team

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Jack Cushman


Matteo Cargnelutti

Senior Developer

Rebecca Cremona

Web Developer

Michael Della Bitta

Engineering Manager

Harmony Eidolon looking at the camera with one hand under chin.

Harmony Eidolon

LIL Program Coordinator

Gregory Leppert

Product and Research Director

Sabelo Mhlambi

Technologist in Residence

Kristi Mukk

User Support Coordinator

Jacob Rhoades

Senior Product Designer

Dakota Sexton

Senior Software Engineer

Headshot of Clare Stanton.

Clare Stanton

Communications and Outreach for

Headshot of Ben Steinberg.

Ben Steinberg

DevOps Engineer

Research Fellows

Sankalp Bhatnagar standing with arms crossed in room with glass walls.

Sankalp Bhatnagar

Research Fellow

Sankalp Bhatnagar gained his first exposure to legal design in a seminar on law, justice, and design at Harvard Law School, after which he taught and led efforts to advance the field and its directions at Northeastern University School of Law. He is joining the Library Innovation Lab as a research fellow for the academic year to carry out a new project in partnership with NuLawLab, where he is a senior researcher and has previously been a research resident. Sankalp is designing a workbook of exercises for people in the future tasked with crafting and choosing between legal alternatives by cataloging the capabilities of great lawyers and judges in the past.

LIL Blog Posts

  • Conference talk: disruptive innovation in libraries

    This piece is adapted from a keynote talk I gave at Innovación y Experiencia del Usuario at Universidad Católica de Argentina on November 1, 2023. I was asked to give a talk on the subject of “disruptive innovation in libraries,” which isn’t necessarily the phrase I would choose to describe our work, but I […]

    November 28, 2023

  • AI Book Bans: Testing LLMs Against the Freedom to Read

    What happens when large language models are asked to provide justifications for book bans? Do the same built-in guardrails that prevent them from generating pipe-bomb recipes kick in, or do models do their best to comply with the user’s request? How do models go about providing such justifications while navigating their “knowledge” of library […]

    September 25, 2023

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