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You should be aware of the risks and problems that can be associated with travel to unfamiliar places, and informed about ways to minimize risk and avoid problems. The challenges you may face will vary from place to place, and may depend on your degree of familiarity with the destination. It is always important to carefully assess all manner of risks and to act accordingly. You should use this information for general guidance but tailor preparation and actions to suit your particular situation.

“It was incredibly helpful that I knew going into the summer about the Harvard resources I would have in case of an emergency. When terror attacks occurred while I was in London, I found Harvard’s Global Support Services both invaluable — in the security guidance they provided — and comforting — in the care that staff took to to make sure that I was alright. While I was still very shaken by the night’s events, I am thankful for the support I received from Harvard Global Support Services.”

Hayley Evans ’19
2017 Chayes Fellow

As you plan your trip, take time to explore the travel tools provided on the Harvard Global Support Services website. The site offers links to a broad range of information and resources, updates on immigration changes and airline rules, and advice ranging from traveling with medications to apps to make your life easier while you are abroad.

Before you travel, the International Safety & Security team can provide guidance regarding safety in general, as well as concerns specific to your destination’s culture, your reason for travel, and your background, gender, race, sexual orientation, or gender identity. Contact to set up a consultation.

COVID-19 Information for Travelers

Please refer to the CDC’s travelers’ health information and the Harvard’s Global Support Services page,  Coronavirus:  Advice for Travelers, for guidance.