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Charles E. Borden

Lecturer on Law

Winter 2025

Charles E. Borden
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Charles E. Borden is co-chair of the Political Law Group and a partner in the Public Policy & Regulation practice group at Holland & Knight. Mr. Borden focuses his practice on the intersection of law and political activity, and regularly counsels multinational corporations on the regulatory and compliance obligations.

Mr. Borden advises clients on the various regulatory regimes that regulate political activity and private sector engagement with the political process and the electoral process. His political law practice includes (i) advising such clients in the design and implementation of comprehensive political law compliance programs and providing associated regulatory counseling; (ii) conducting internal inquires and compliance reviews into clients’ potential political law exposure and representing corporate clients in regulatory enforcement matters, congressional investigations, and criminal proceedings involving alleged political law violations; and (iii) serving as political law regulatory counsel in connection with politically-sensitive transactions.

In addition, Mr. Borden has represented members of Congress and numerous appointees and potential appointees to senior positions in the Executive Branch of the federal government, including appointees to senior positions in the White House, State Department, Treasury Department, and various national security-related offices. He counsels such individuals on federal conflict-of-interest, security clearance and financial disclosure requirements, and advises them on strategies for resolving legal and political issues connected to their government service.

In his Strategic Counseling practice, Mr. Borden advises clients on the management of legislative and public policy risk. He participates in election law-related litigation and has authored numerous appellate and U.S. Supreme Court briefs on redistricting and other political law issues. He also regularly counsels clients on federal administrative law issues, federal and state freedom of information statutes, and public corruption regimes.

Mr. Borden is a visiting Fellow at the Centre for Analysis of Risk and Regulation (CARR) at the London School of Economics and Political Science. The Centre focuses on cross-border regulatory analysis, including with respect to the regulation of public corruption and political activities.


  • M.Sc. Regulation London School of Economics, 2007
  • J.D. Harvard Law School, 2001
  • M.Sc. Scottish History University of Edinburgh, 1999
  • B.A. History, Political Science Yale University, 1997