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Due to the threat of severe weather, the HLS Diploma Ceremony will be held indoors beginning at 1:45 pm today. Please review the email below for information on how the ceremony will proceed.  

Ceremony Logistics 

Graduates should proceed to the following holding locations before heading to the second floor of Wasserstein Hall to line up in Milstein West. The ceremony will occur in the order presented below. Graduates will line up in walking order prior to being seated in their holding locations and will be guided to Milstein East by Commencement staff at the appropriate time.  

Graduate Locations 

  • S.J.D. & LL.M.: Directly to Milstein West   
  • HBS & HKS Joint Degrees: Directly to Milstein West 
  • J.D. Section 1: Directly to Milstein West  
  • J.D. Section 2: Directly to Milstein East  
  • J.D. Section 3: Directly to Milstein East 
  • J.D. Section 4: Directly to Milstein East 
  • J.D. Section 5: Directly to Milstein East 
  • J.D. Section 6: Wasserstein 2012  
  • J.D. Section 7: Wasserstein 2009  
  • J.D. Section 8 & Remaining Joint Degrees – 3018  

Graduates who choose to sit somewhere other than a location designated for their section may not hear the call for their section when it is time to proceed to the ceremony. All graduates should listen to the dedicated staff members at viewing locations for updates on the ceremony progression and precise directions. 

Diploma Pickup 

Graduates will go to the 4th floor across from the Registrar’s Office (4007) to pick up their diploma immediately after crossing the stage. Commencement staff will direct you to the appropriate stairwells and elevators. Graduates should remain in walking order until the receipt of their diploma, at which time they may proceed to the end of the hallway and back down the stairs to the South Lobby.  

Photos: Grad Images will be in Milstein East taking a photo as each graduate crosses the stage, which they will be able to purchase online post-graduation. Grad Images will also be stationed across from Career Services on the fourth floor of Wasserstein for one “portrait” photo with a backdrop. The section photo will take place in 2004. After the section photo, you may join your guests in the campus viewing rooms.  

Viewing rooms

Guests may view a simulcast of the ceremony in the following rooms:  

  • Wasserstein Hall:  
    • B010 (basement) 
    • B015 (basement) 
    • 1010 
    • 1015 
    • 1019 
    • HLS Pub  
  • Pound Hall:  
    • 100 
    • 101 
    • 102 
  • Austin Hall 
    • 100 (North) 
    • 101 (East) 
    • 111 (West) 
    • Ames Courtroom 
  • Langdell 
    • 272 (South) 

Accessible seating in Milstein East (limited, chairs adjacent to hallway), and West. 

We ask for your patience as we prioritize getting diplomas to our graduates. Should you have any questions, please find Commencement staff (in the maroon polo shirts).