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Spring 2024 Course

Foundations of International Arbitration: Theory and Practice

Prerequisites: None

Exam Type: No Exam

Through a combination of lectures and in-class simulations, this course will (i) provide an overview of the foundational aspects that arise in the life cycle of an international arbitration; (ii) offer training in advocacy principles and techniques; and (iii) provide significant advocacy experience for students through in-class simulations. Course lectures and simulations will extend to both international commercial arbitration and investment arbitration.

Students will be graded on in-class participation, simulation performances, and advocacy outlines. There will be no final exam.

Note: This course will meet over six weeks:

  • February 19-20
  • March 4-5
  • March 18-19
  • March 25-26
  • April 1-2
  • April 15-16