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Spring 2022 Seminar

Environmental Law after the Trump Administration and in the Biden Administration

Classroom: Lewis 214

Prerequisites: None

Exam Type: No Exam

In the fall of 2019, I offered a seminar “Environmental Law During and after the Trump Administration.” This spring I will offer its sequel “Environmental Law in the Biden and After the Trump Administration.” The Fall 2019 seminar explored the numerous ways that the Trump Administration was seeking to reverse and repeal the environmental protection policies of prior administrations, especially the Obama Administration, and the likely longer term effect of the Trump Administration’s policies. The Spring 2022 seminar will explore the Biden Administration’s efforts in turn to reverse and repeal the Trump Administration’s environmental protection policies.

Students will have several options for possibly satisfying the writing requirement for the seminar.  They can submit five shorter reaction papers on topics covered by any five of the weekly seminar meetings, two discussion papers on topics related to the seminar’s coverage, or one longer paper. Neither Environmental Law nor Natural Resources Law is a prerequisite for taking this seminar. The seminar naturally builds upon those survey classes but is taught in a manner that is easily accessible to students who have not taken either of those cases.