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Fall 2024 Seminar

Bankruptcy and Corporate Restructuring: Current Issues

Prerequisite: Bankruptcy or Corporate Restructuring is a pre- or co-requisite. Alternatively, equivalent professional experience or course work, with the instructors’ permission.

Exam Type: No Exam

In this seminar, we will examine major cases and controversies in bankruptcy today. Where appropriate, we will focus on new strategies, both unsuccessful and successful. Where appropriate, we will invite participants in major recent bankruptcies, often for an hour at lunch after we have had a seminar session on the topic. Where possible, students will read underlying documents and present the lawyers’ strategies to the class.

Readings: Readings will be excerpts from primary sources describing corporate failures and scandals, and academic analyses of these and other current issues. Some readings will be challenging, and the students will not be expected to fully understand everything described in the reading.

Some of that understanding will come from our guest lawyer events. Part of the goal of the exercise is for you to become familiar with the work product of excellent lawyers who are doing deep dives into important corporate events.