Step 1:

Review the SPIF Orientation and complete the SPIF Registration Form. The SPIF Orientation is a Power Point presentation which outlines program changes and requirements. The 2015 online SPIF Registration Form is available via a link at the end of the SPIF Orientation. The Registration Form was due January 9, 2015 however it will remain available through early February. Please note, while there is some flexibility on the Registration deadline this is not true of future SPIF deadlines.

Step 2:

Secure a SPIF eligible position for the summer of 2015 and apply for supplemental funding.

Step 3:

Notify the SPIF Office of your summer 2015 plan:

  • Once you secure a SPIF eligible position please complete either the online SPIF Application Form or the Opt-Out Form in order to be removed from our email lists. The Application Form is due by March 31, 2015 in order to receive your funding on May 1st.

Step 4:

Have your employer complete and submit the Employer Response Form by March 31, 2015. We will create awards past the deadline but your check will be delayed. Please contact us directly with questions.

Step 5:

In early April you will receive notification of your SPIF award and will be directed to review a Power Point presentation with further details regarding the requirements of the program. Additionally, at that point you will need to drop off a voided check and completed Direct Deposit Form at our office so we can attempt to have your award direct deposited (Note, for tax purposes we cannot have the awards of non-US residents who are working internationally direct deposited).

Step 6:

Stipend checks will be available or direct deposited in early May for those students who have completed the above steps by March 31, 2015. We are only able to request stipend checks ONCE A MONTH, so while you will remain eligible for SPIF there will be a delay in the disbursement of funding for those students who miss these deadlines. Contact the SPIF Office directly for details.

Step 7:

Throughout the summer students should keep careful records of their weekly hours. We have a created an OPTIONAL Excel Time Card students can use to record their time throughout the summer. The Excel sheet is for your personal record keeping ONLY and will not be accepted in lieu of or as an attachment to the Supervisor Evaluation and Time Log due on September 11th.

Step 8:

At the completion of your SPIF placement you will need to do the following:

  1. All SPIF recipients must complete a Student Placement Evaluation in Helios, regarding their summer placement. Access to the evaluation in Helios begins one week before your placement ends. To complete the form you will need to navigate to the Public Service Summary page and click the “evaluate” link next to the position. If your supervisor’s name and/or position dates appear incorrectly, edit the position by clicking the “edit position” link from the position via the Public Service Summary. If your placement organization appears incorrectly please contact the HLS Office of Clinical and Pro Bono Programs or 617-495-5202 to fix it before filling out your evaluation. This form is due September 1, 2015. Please note the earlier due date!
  2. All SPIF recipients must submit a Supervisor Evaluation and Time Log (PDF) signed by their employer, verifying the number of hours they worked. This form is due September 11, 2015.

REMINDER: 1Ls must work 3 hours on the Public Interest Auction fundraising initiative to qualify for funding. If you have questions regarding the Auction please email The Auction Co-Chairs.