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The Public Service Initiative (PSI) was offered as a pilot program for students admitted during the 2009 admissions season or earlier. Students admitted after September 1, 2009 are eligible for a successor initiative, the Public Service Venture Fund, to support public service work.

Joint degree candidates and transfer students can qualify for PSI grants if they spend at least one summer in a qualified public service job and accumulate enough points to qualify. Only transfer students admitted prior to September 1, 2009 are eligible for the PSI. Level of benefits eligibility of joint degree and transfer students is determined by year of JD enrollment. Year of enrollment for transfer students will be the year they began law school, not the first year at HLS.

Students in approved joint/concurrent degree programs will be eligible for the PSI benefit. The benefit will be awarded in the final year of a joint/concurrent degree program, or in the final year for which at least 50% of the standard HLS tuition rate for that year is charged. The PSI grant will be awarded up to the actual amount of tuition charged by all Harvard schools to the student, or the standard HLS tuition rate for that year, whichever is less. In no case will the combination of need-based grant and PSI grant awarded exceed the standard HLS tuition charge for that year. Information regarding joint degree and concurrent degree programs is available on the Special Programs page.

HLS students who study away (such as Third Year Visiting and Berkeley Exchange students) for the 3L year are also eligible for the PSI, but PSI Grants will be awarded only to cover actual tuition charges up to the level of the standard HLS tuition rate for the year. Tuition or fees charged by the host school beyond the level of HLS tuition will not be covered by the PSI grant. Third Year Visiting students from other law schools are not eligible for the PSI.