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Student Financial Services is unable to provide tax advice as we are not tax experts, but here are helpful websites and information to help you with your tax questions.

Tax Withholding for Summer Employment

Because withholding is typically based on the tax rate for an annualized projection of each pay period, many summer employers withhold too much federal tax from a part-year salary. You can ask to have less tax withheld by your employer if you will be working for only part of the year, such as the summer. Section 9 of IRS Publication 15-A describes the procedure for adjusting withholding for part-year employees. It’s up to you to request this in writing from your employer, and it’s up to the employer to do the alternate calculation and charge the correct withholding.

Where to get your tax forms

  • 1098-T (Tuition payments form the Lifetime Learning Credit)
    Contact the Student Receivables Office – (617) 495-2739
  • 1098-E (Interest payments for deduction)
    Contact the lender of the loan
    Direct Loans – (800) 848-0979 (Should be sent automatically)
    Harvard Loans – (800) 315-7192 (Should be sent automatically)
  • 1099 (Taxable Scholarships)
    Contact the Harvard University Tax office – (617) 495-8500
  • Summer Public Interest Funding Documentation
    Federal Work Study – (617) 495-8500 (Receive a W-2 from the Accounts Payable Office)
    Grant – (617) 495-0643 or (U.S. Citizens will receive no documentation, if needed Contact SPIF Office. International students may have their income reported and receive a 1099)