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Here are some tools and worksheets that can help you think about summer employment, career choices, loan repayment, and more.

Calculators and tools on the Student Financial Services website

  • LIPP Benefit Calculator
    This calculator can illustrate how LIPP can help you repay your loans over the short term (1 year) or long term (10 years).
  • Take Home Pay Estimator
    This tool will show you how much you’ll have left after taxes and loan repayment when you graduate and start working, and will estimate how your total loan repayment compares to your total income in the 10 years after you graduate.
  • View My HLS Borrowing Summary
    Use this page for a summary of your education loans and estimated repayment amounts. (Login for this report is the same HLS username (i.e. jdoe, jdoe.jd10, etc.) and password you use to access HLS email).
  • My HLS Financial Aid
    This link (which is on the right had side of most pages in our site) will allow you access to your current financial aid status and award package details. You have a live view of our system and the information we have. In addition, you will find your LIPP Eligible Borrowing Amount on the “Message” tab of this system.
  • Estimated Student Contribution from Summer Income (Single Students Only)
    If you are single, this calculator can help you estimate how much of your summer income you will be expected to contribute to your cost of attendance for the following academic year.
  • HLS Student Budgeting Worksheet (Excel)
    Use this Excel worksheet to help plan your budget for the academic year and beyond.

Other useful calculators and tools

  • This Loan Payment Calculator at can help you estimate the monthly payment on one or more of your loans, and show you how much you’ll pay off over time.
  • You can calculate the Cost of Interest Capitalization at to see how much capitalized interest will add to the outstanding balance and monthly payment of a given loan.
  • You can find many other financial aid calculators at
  • What is the value of higher education? You can find that (under the “college” link) and many other personal budgeting calculators at The Motley Fool.
  • What is the average federal tax rate on a given income? Use this calculator at to find out.