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This page lists the various types of documents you will be asked to submit as part of the financial aid application process, and provides important details on how to submit these materials. Please read and follow the directions on this page so that we get all your information as quickly and as efficiently as possible.

Information About Completing Electronic Web Forms (FAFSA and HLS Internal Secure Web Forms)

Links for FAFSA and all Internal Web Forms can be found on the Financial Aid Forms page.

Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA)

  • Important information about completing the FAFSA correctly can be found on our FAFSA, IRS Date Retrieval and Federal Verification page.
  • FAFSA data is submitted directly to the Department of Education. The data, once processed, is then sent to us provided that Harvard Law School is listed as a data recipient.
  • Our FAFSA School Code is E00471

Internal HLS Web Forms

  • Your data will be encrypted and transmitted securely via https directly to our database upon submission.
  • Your data will be matched to your records based on the identifying information requested at the beginning of each student/parent form.

Information About Submitting Your “Paper” Documents (Federal Tax Forms & All Other Documents that you may be required to send us)

  • All “paper” documents will be imaged and loaded to our document imaging system upon receipt. HLS Student Financial Services is a paperless office and we do not maintain your records in hard copy format.
  • Information about the basic tax forms (and international earnings statements) that we require can be found on our Required Basic Tax Forms page.
  • HLS offers three secure methods in which you can submit your taxes and other data to us. The three methods in order of preference are secure file upload, fax and self service scanner.
  • Please read the following details carefully so that your data will arrive and be processed efficiently and correctly.

Secure File Upload

  • The fastest and most preferred way for you to send us your data is via our Secure File Upload Form.
  • This service allows you to electronically and securely upload your data directly to our systems.
  • This service has been set up specifically to replace submitting data to our office via email because email transmission of sensitive data is not secure and we do not want your data and social security number to be compromised. We strongly suggest for your protection that you do not email us your sensitive data; but rather use this service.
  • On the secure file upload form you will need to complete some basic identifying information BEFORE uploading your documents. It is critically important that you enter this identifying information correctly as this is the data we will use to route your documents to the correct student’s electronic record. Incorrect information will lead to processing delays.
  • After completing the identifying information, you can click the “Add File” button as many times as necessary to upload all your documents.
  • To submit your uploaded files, click the “Submit” button at the bottom of the page.
  • The Secure File Upload form only accepts documents in PDF format. Please be sure to convert all documents to PDF before you use our secure upload form.
  • If you are unable to use our Secure File Upload please fax your documents to our office.

FAX using our Document Fax Cover Sheet

  • We have two secure fax lines – one for admits and one for continuing students.
    • FAX – 978-367-9460 (Priority Line for Newly Admitted Students – Class of 2020 ONLY)
    • FAX – 617-496-5453 (Returning/Continuing Students)
  • When submitting any required tax data or other information via fax, we require you to include a coversheet – SFS Document Submission Fax Coversheet
  • The Document Fax Cover Sheet should be completed electronically. Once completed you can print it out and attach it to the first page of the packet of documents you are preparing to fax. It is critically important that you complete the information on the fax cover sheet correctly as this is the data we will use to route your documents to the correct student’s electronic record. Incorrect information will lead to processing delays.
  • Please follow the instructions on the fax cover sheet carefully.

Self-Service Scanner (Walk-Ins)

  • If you are local and would like to drop your documents off in person, we have a self-service scanner located in our suite reception area for your convenience.
  • You can drop by the office and scan your data directly into our systems during our normal business hours which are Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday 9-5 and Tuesday 11-5.
  • We are located on the 5th floor, Wasserstein Hall, Suite 5027