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HLS Student Financial Services is a paperless office. We do not maintain student financial aid records in hard copy format. All “paper” documents, including all required Federal tax data, will be imaged, stored and managed electronically. It is extremely important that you carefully read through the information found on our Document Submission & Imaging web page before you begin to submit any of your required tax documentation to HLS Student Financial Services.  The two most efficient and secure ways to submit your documents to us are:

  • Upload your data directly into our system using our
    Secure File Upload service. (Will only accept PDF formats)
  • Only if you are unable to use the Secure File Upload service, send us your documents via Fax being careful to complete a Document Fax Cover Sheet to go with the documents.

17-18 STUDENT Application Web Forms & PDFs

These forms are SECURE and data is encrypted during  transfer.

17-18 Parent Application Web Forms

These forms are SECURE and data is encrypted during  transfer.

16-17 Financial Aid Application Forms (Both Student and Parent Forms)

The application process for 2017-2018 is now open and all forms for 2016-2017 have been removed from our website. However, if you need to apply for financial aid for 2016-2017, you can still do so. Please email Student Financial Services and someone will get back to you with assistance.

16-17 Financial Aid Transaction Forms

These forms are SECURE and data is encrypted during transfer.

16-17 Entrance Counseling, Loan Disclosures, and Promissory NoteS