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The loan application deadline for returning students is April 1st of each year. Entering students begin the loan application process in early June of the year in which they are admitted.

There are many lenders you can borrow through in order to finance your legal education. Harvard Law School, like all of Harvard University, has no financial interest in your choice of lender. Harvard University Code of Conduct

Potential LIPP applicants REMINDER: (From our “How Do I Choose a Loan Program?” page) You should consider the length of a private loan’s repayment term and contact the lender to ask about the possibility of formally shortening the repayment term to 10 years from the 15 or 20 year terms that are typically standard. LIPP only provides assistance on the ACTUAL required payment and, although not required, recommends that participants place all of their loans on 10 year repayment terms to maximize the LIPP benefits. Estimated payments will not be considered for LIPP purposes.

You’ll find it helpful to watch this short minute video on how to apply for supplemental educational loan funding.

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Loan Adjustment Information

If you are interested in decreasing a loan, please complete the following web form. We will contact the lender and return the funds for you. Keep in mind that once a disbursement is made there is a limited amount of time that funds can be returned without paying the fee and interest on the portion you are returning. Generally, federal loans (Stafford and GradPLUS) have a 120 day window in which you will not be charged fees or interest on the portion you request for return. Private lenders have a much shorted window of 45 to 60 days depending on the lender. You should contact your lender to find out the exact number of days it will accept returned funds. Additionally, HLS grant recipients cannot reduce the amount of their base loan unless, in exceptional circumstances, approved on appeal by the Financial Aid Committee.

Loan Adjustment/Cancellation Form