Each graduating student who has borrowed federal and/or private loans is required to have an Exit Interview with a Financial Aid representative. These Exit Interviews take place during the spring of your 3L year.  If you have not yet attended one of our institutionally, federally, and ABA mandated Exit Interview sessions, please review the schedule below and attend a session!

Exit Interviews 2014 Schedule

Click here to view the list of dates and times that Exit sessions are held.  No need to sign up to attend – just show up (on time!) with your laptop and FAFSA Pin.  International students just need their laptops.

The Who, What, When and Where of Exits

Most third year students begin to look for assistance in understanding the details of their law school loans during their final semesters.  The four main questions regarding who, what, when and where are reviewed in this section.

Loan Programs

In this section you will find general repayment information regarding each of the loan programs reviewed at your Exit Interview.

Loan Deferment

Federal loan deferment is one of the benefits that comes with your federal loans.  In general, a deferment is a period during which repayment of the principal and interest of your loan is temporarily delayed. Usually students use this benefit while they are enrolled in a degree seeking program.  Many students defer their undergraduate loans while in law school and this section will help you know what will happen to those loans upon graduation.

Loan Forbearance

Forbearance is another built in benefit to your federal and Harvard Law School loans.  This benefit helps borrowers who are temporarily unable to meet their loan repayment obligations, make smaller payments or defer the payment in full for a specified amount of time.

Prepaying Your Loans

You may prepay all or any part of a loan at any time without penalty. Keep in mind these few tips if you decide to prepay some or all of your loans.

Repayment Logistics

Knowing the logistical details involved in repaying your loans will be the key to successfully transitioning from borrowing to repayment.  This section will review the logistics and give you some tips as well.

What Every Graduate Should Know About LIPP!

This section includes helpful information for all graduating students regarding the repayment of your loans as well as the availability of LIPP. While many students know they will apply for LIPP assistance after they graduate from HLS, other students are not always aware of how LIPP can work for them even if they will not be applying in the years immediately following graduation. Each year alumni who switch careers find the LIPP program allows them to make this employment change while maintaining their loan repayment obligations.

Exit Graduation Requirements and Deadlines

Know the Exit Interview requirements and deadlines in order to be cleared for graduation!