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The information provided below is designed to help you understand the loan options available to you.  Additionally you’ll find some general information that will impact your borrowing decisions. You can refer to the Loan Provisions section for definitions and information on the loan terms you see throughout these pages.

Loan Terms

Provides information on interest rates, loan fees, and other terms for Federal Direct Stafford Loans, Federal Perkins Loans, and Harvard Loans. Also includes an overview of supplemental loans options.

Advantages of Federal Loans

Outlines the benefits of the federal loan program for students.

Creditworthiness for Supplemental Education Loans

Discusses the impact of credit on borrowing options and has information on obtaining and reviewing your credit report.

Debt Management & Repayment

Counsels on reducing overall debt and projecting loan repayment.

Bar Exam Loan Information

Summarizes loan options available to assist HLS graduates in financing bar-exam related expenses.

Loan Information for Judicial Clerks

How to manage your loans during a post-graduate judicial clerkship.