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All students at Harvard Law School are able to finance their education through the use of loan programs if they have a good credit history. The Financial Aid Committee structures financial aid packages to provide loans at the best available terms and interest rates depending upon need as well as the availability of various loan funds. Loan repayment statistics show that HLS graduates are able to manage a significant amount of debt, either due to their private-sector salary or through the use of our generous loan repayment assistance program (LIPP). We understand that for many students law school is their first experience with education loan debt, and it can be overwhelming. We are here to help you with the process and have provided in-depth information on loans in this section. We encourage you to read these pages carefully before making your borrowing decisions.

The loan application deadline for returning students is April 1st of each  year.  Entering students begin the loan application process in early June of the year in which they are admitted.   

Education Loans Overview

General information on loan terms is available in this section. You can also find details on debt management and loan repayment here.

Managing Your Loans

If you would like to compare your supplemental loan options, apply for a loan, cancel a loan, or contact your lender you will find the information in this section.

Loan Provisions

This section contains information on a variety of loan provisions, including interest accrual, prepayment, deferment, loan cancellation, and consolidation. It also includes a glossary of loan terms to help you understand the information you are being given.

Entrance and Exit Counseling

Reviews details of Federal and ABA required loan counseling which take place upon entering law school as well as prior to departing HLS.