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Who is eligible for the Chayes Fellowship?
What type of projects fit within the Chayes Fellowship?
What should I consider when choosing a placement?
What are the resources available for finding an organization that fits within the Chayes Fellowship framework?
Can I apply to organizations not listed as pre-approved on the Chayes Fellowship website?
Can I apply to work with more than one organization?
Can Chayes Fellows work for US-based organizations?
What is the process for getting a placement organization approved?
What if I haven't secured a placement by the Chayes Fellowship application deadline?
What happens if I am offered a position with a pre-approved Chayes organization but am not selected as a Chayes Fellow?
What if I am selected as a Chayes Fellow but the Chayes Program does not subsequently approve the organization?
What is the difference between the Chayes Fellowship and the HRP summer internship program?
Can I split my summer between two organizations or work as a Chayes Fellow for less than 8 weeks?
Can I obtain class credit as part of the summer internship?
Who manages the Chayes Fellowship and where should I go for questions?