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The Chayes International Public Service Fellowships are dedicated to the memory of Professor Abram Chayes, who taught at Harvard Law School for more than 40 years. These summer fellowships provide Harvard Law School students with the opportunity to spend eight weeks engaged in public service with an international scope and/or relevant to countries in development or those making transitions to peace, stability, and democracy. Chayes Fellows’ projects can take a variety of forms, but could focus on development of legal, political, social, and economic institutions, constitutional and legal issues in emerging democracies, or reconstruction of war-torn societies, among others.

Reminder:  Students who are accepted as 2018 Chayes Fellows have until March 31 to secure a summer placement and commit to the program. Explore our list of pre-approved placement organizations (regularly updated); students who are interested in working with organizations that are not on the roster of authorized placements are encouraged to to work with the new organization to register it as a Chayes Fellowship placement site. Please see our page on Developing a Summer Project for more information on the steps involved.

The Chayes Fellowships not only allow a cadre of Harvard Law School students to offer their skills to governments and organizations undertaking critical work, but also provides students with practical, first-hand experience with the complex issues faced by societies in development or transition. Chayes Fellows become part of a network of individuals engaged with organizations working in societies in transition around the world.

The program is administered by International Legal Studies.

2017 Chayes Fellows

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2016 Chayes Fellows

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2015 Chayes Fellows

2015 Chayes Fellow Lan Mei '17 in Kenya

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2015 Chayes Fellow Aditya Pai '17 in India

2015 Chayes Fellows journey abroad to serve the public good

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