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Whether a student’s legal interests are domestic or international, a semester abroad provides the opportunity to take courses that offer unique perspectives of foreign legal cultures and scholars. The following are a few examples of the faculty members and courses at exchange partner schools. For more information on exchange program opportunities for HLS students, click here.

Migration Law at Sydney Law School

Professor Mary Crock at the University of Sydney Law School in Australia is a world-renowned migration, citizenship, and refugee law scholar. She has published extensively on migrants’ rights and immigrant detention, and has significant experience in direct advocacy work. Professor Crock has also served in leadership roles on numerous migration law-related committees, including the Executive Committee of the Refugee Council of Australia. Her Migration Law course offers students the opportunity to explore the big issues raised by migration and to examine why the subject has assumed such a central role in Australia’s identity as a nation.

“This was a fantastic course. I learned an incredible amount about how Australia approaches its immigration challenges, which provided key comparative insights into a paper I wrote on U.S. immigration law.” Nick Smyth (JD ’09), semester abroad Fall 2008.

For more information on spending a semester abroad the University of Sydney Law School, click here.

International Human Rights Law at the University of Chile Law School

Professor Jose Zalaquett at the University of Chile Law School is one of the world’s leading human rights scholars. Gaining prominence for his work in defense of human rights under the Augusto Pinochet regime in Chile, Professor Zalaquett has been a tireless advocate of human rights, serving as president of the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights, as head of the international executive committee of Amnesty International, and as a member of Chile’s National Truth and Reconciliation Committee. His International Human Rights Law course explores international human rights laws, international humanitarian laws, refugee laws, and international norms for fighting terrorism.

“I strongly recommend Professor Zalaquett’s course on human rights. Class discussion of these topics provided a unique perspective that I wouldn’t have been able to experience at HLS.” Rachel Marx (JD ’09), semester abroad Fall 2008.

For more information on spending a semester abroad at the University of Chile Law School, click here.

World Trade Organization Jurisprudence at the Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies in Switzerland

Professor Joost Pauwelyn at the Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies in Switzerland is an expert in international economic law and World Trade Organization (WTO) law. He worked for several years as legal advisor to the WTO Secretariat. In addition, he has published extensively on a wide range of international economic law issues, including the problem of conflict of norms in public international law (e.g., the relationship between WTO law and other norms of international law), and the settlement of disputes in the WTO and other international tribunals, with a particular focus on disputes involving health, environmental, and investment issues.

Professor Pauwelyn’s Advanced Seminar on WTO Jurisprudence offers a detailed analysis of WTO dispute settlement rules and an in-depth analysis of some of its most interesting and controversial rulings to date.

“I found this course deeply instructive and illuminating. It enabled me to see the political/economic considerations that go into WTO jurisprudence. For a Third World development scholar like me, this was especially important. It also revealed the micro-interactions between different actors within the WTO, a perspective that goes a long way in explaining the outcomes of inter-state diplomacy at the WTO.” Emmanuel Bagenda, (SJD), semester abroad Spring 2008.

For more information on spending a semester abroad at the Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies, click here.