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When should I start planning to study abroad?
What Is the best way to choose a foreign school? Which schools does ILS recommend?
What are the differences between the exchange programs and an independent semester abroad?
If I’m not accepted for a spot in an exchange, can I apply for an independent semester abroad?
How can study abroad fit in with a job search?
What if the school abroad has a different academic calendar than HLS?
I’d like to spend a semester abroad at a school where English is not the language of instruction. How well must I know the foreign language?
Can I study abroad in an English-language program or a foreign program of another U.S. law school?
Whom should I choose as an HLS faculty advisor?
What is the best way to secure a foreign faculty advisor?
How many credits do I need prior to going abroad?
May I take courses in subjects other than law?
What happens to financial aid if a student spends a semester abroad?
What are some of the challenges I might encounter during a semester abroad?
Whom can I contact with questions or for suggestions?

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