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Online Cross-Registration

  • Cross-Registering Online:

    • Harvard students interested in cross-registering into the Law School must submit petitions through my.Harvard. MIT and Tufts students must petition through the Cross-registration system. All students who submit petitions must be in compliance with the HLS Cross-Registration Calendar.
    • my.Harvard cross-registration help can be found in the Knowledge Center.
    • Approval from the faculty member does not guarantee approval and enrollment by the HLS Registrar’s Office.
      • You must receive confirmation that you are enrolled in the class by the HLS Registrar’s Office before your registration is complete.
      • Enrollment into a class is done after the HLS add/drop period and is determined by seat availability in your petitioned class.
    • HLS does not permit electronic Audit requests through my.Harvard or the Cross-Registration system or electronic requests of any kind. Any student wishing to audit must follow instructions and submit a signed Request to Audit Form.


  • Eligibility to Cross-Register:

    • Most HLS courses presuppose that you have a basic understanding of legal vocabulary and the legal system. Discuss your qualifications for the course/seminar in detail and in advance with the instructor.
    • You must be from a home school in which HLS has a formal cross-registration relationship with.
    • You must be and remain a registered, full-time student at your home school for the duration of your cross-registration.
    • You must remain in good standing at your home school and at HLS for the duration of your cross-registration.
    • You may not make arrangements outside the HLS Registrar’s Office with an HLS instructor to receive a grade or credit for any academic work.
    • There is NO cross-registration into the first-year basic courses: Civil Procedure, Contracts, Criminal Law, Legislation and Regulation, 1L International or Comparative, Problem Solving Workshop, Property, Torts, and Legal Research and Writing.
    • All academic work must be completed in the term in which cross-registration is taken and by HLS semester deadlines.
    • Cross-registrants are allowed to take a maximum of 6 credits at HLS in an academic year, audits included.
    • The availability of seats in waitlisted courses is determined by the HLS Registrar’s Office.
    • You may not take a course/seminar that is substantively the same as one taken previously at HLS.

Dropping a Course

  • Dropping a Cross-Registered Course:

    • Students who wish to drop a course after the original cross-registration petition must do so by the earlier add/drop deadline and must submit a completed add/drop form to their Home Registrar’s Office.
    • Students who do not drop a cross-registered course via the Add/Drop Form at their Home School will be considered enrolled in the course and will receive a grade for it.
    • The drop deadline for oversubscribed HLS courses is Noon on the business day after the first class meeting. Many HLS courses have early drop deadlines.


  • Examinations for Cross-Registered Students:

    • Please review the HLS Exam Schedule before you cross-register.
    • No adjustments will be made, and HLS does not give make-up examinations.
    • Papers are not accepted in lieu of exams unless the instructor offers the option in advance to the entire class.

Notice To Degree Candidates

  • Notice To Degree Candidates:

    • For cross-registrants who expect to graduate in the term during which they are cross-registered at HLS: if the date by which your Registrar requires your final grades to clear you for graduation precedes the “HLS Grades Due” date for the semester, you should not cross-register at HLS in that semester for credits required for your degree.
    • At the time you cross-register, check with the HLS Registrar’s staff to determine what date HLS grades are due.


  • Grades for Cross-Registrants:

    • Report of grades is obtained from your home Registrar’s Office.
    • The HLS grading system is H, P, LP and F. Designated courses are graded CR/F(Credit/Fail). Except in courses so designated, Credit/Fail is not an option and cannot be arranged separately with the professor. The grade CR may also apply in special circumstances with approval of the HLS Administrative Board.
    • A student who withdraws from a course or seminar after the add/drop deadline but before the last day of class in the course or seminar will receive a WD (Withdrew after Deadline). A student who withdraws after the last day of the course or seminar will receive an “F.”

Tips for Cross Registrants

  • Tips for Cross Registrants

    • Sections that are listed as “Reading Groups” typically have a 12 seat capacity and tend to be difficult for cross-registrants to enroll into due to the limited seat capacity.
    • HLS will not allow enrollment into courses with time-conflicts or schedule overlap. Cross-registrants must choose their more preferred course if such a case occurs. There are no exceptions.