James E. Tierney

Lecturer on Law



James E. Tierney is the Program Director of the National State Attorneys General Program, at Columbia Law School where he has taught a course on the role of state attorneys general since the fall of 2000 and at Harvard Law School since the spring of 2010.

Mr. Tierney served as the Attorney General of Maine from 1980 until 1990. During his ten years as Attorney General of Maine, Mr. Tierney played an active role in the National Association of Attorneys General (NAAG) and has instructed newly elected state Attorneys General on the effective performance of their office for many years. Mr. Tierney has served as a Special Prosecutor in Florida, Pennsylvania, Minnesota and Vermont and, on behalf of NAAG, has authored an analysis of the operations of state grand jury practice. He travels regularly to visit in offices of attorney general where he regularly conducts ethics seminars for attorneys general and their staffs.

Tierney is married to Maine author Elizabeth Strout. He has five children and eight grandchildren.