Jody Freeman

Archibald Cox Professor of Law

Director, Environmental Law Program


Jody Freeman is the Archibald Cox Professor of Law and the founding director of the Harvard Law School Environmental Law and Policy Program. She is a leading scholar of both administrative law and environmental law and has written extensively on federal agency regulation, climate change, energy and environmental policy, and executive authority. Professor Freeman’s book, GLOBAL CLIMATE CHANGE AND U.S. LAW (co-edited with Michael Gerrard) was published in 2015. For Professor Freeman's scholarly articles go here.

Professor Freeman served in the White House as Counselor for Energy and Climate Change in 2009-10, where she was the architect of the president’s historic agreement with the auto industry to double fuel efficiency standards, launching the administration’s greenhouse gas program under the Clean Air Act. In her role, she also contributed to a host of initiatives on renewable energy, energy efficiency, transmission policy and oil and gas drilling, as well as the administration’s effort to pass climate and energy legislation. 

After leaving the administration, Freeman served as an independent consultant to the President's bipartisan Commission on the BP Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill. She has been appointed to the Administrative Conference of the United States, the government think tank for improving the administrative and regulatory process, and elected the American College of Environmental Lawyers. In 2012, Professor Freeman was elected as an outside director of ConocoPhillips, where she serves on the public policy and compensation committees. 

Professor Freeman has written for the New York TimesWall Street JournalGuardian Los Angeles Times. Politico and Foreign Affairs and is a frequent guest on national public radio.  You can follow professor Freeman on Twitter at @JodyFreemanHLS.


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