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Student Work

In the Crimmigration Clinic students will work on cutting-edge issues regarding the intersection of criminal law and immigration law. Students pursuing crimmigration clinical work will be divided into teams and complete projects such as drafting amicus appellate briefs, advising criminal defense attorneys on the potential immigration consequences of criminal charges for, or drafting policy memoranda for public defender offices. Four students will be placed at Harvard and work approximately 12 hours a week for clinical credit. Students must complete the pre-requisite Crimmigration: The Intersection of Criminal Law and Immigration Law clinical course before enrollment in the clinic.


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How to Apply

The Crimmigration Clinic is offered in a Spring semester. You can learn about clinical credits, pre-requisite requirements, and the clinical application process by reading the course catalog description and exploring the links in this section.

Deadline: December 15, 2017

In the News

Faculty and Staff

Phil Torrey
Senior Clinical Instructor and Lecturer on Law


Harvard Law School
6 Everett Street
Suite 3103 (WCC)