Vladimir Bosiljevac

Bruce W. Nichols Lecturer on Law

Spring 2018


Vladimir Bosiljevac has been lecturing courses on M&A, private equity and corporate governance at Harvard University's Department of Economics and conducting research in the areas of finance and economics. For his teaching efforts at Harvard he won several teaching awards.

Vladimir has been working as a consultant and advising clients across a multitude of sectors and geographies which include international organizations, governments and companies as well as leading multibillion US, international and emerging markets private equity firms. He is also a founder and a Managing Partner at Adria Capital Partners, a London-based independent investment banking boutique and investment management platform.

Prior to coming to Harvard in 2007, Vladimir had a number of positions, including executive, within investment banking, private equity and corporate sector in Europe.

Vladimir was educated at Harvard’s Department of Economics, Harvard Law School (LL.M., Visiting Researcher) and University of Zagreb.

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