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Professor Goldsmith is looking for students who are interested in writing for Lawfare, He is particularly interested in the following: 1. Students interested in covering military commission proceedings. You would be assigned to write about commissions but could also, after a while, write about other topics. You can apply for and do this without any prior expertise in military commissions. 2. Students interested in writing a once/month news and law summary on issues related to the South China Sea. Expertise is useful but not required if there is sufficient interest. 3. Students with expertise on Iran, who would cover Iran but also eventually write on other topics. 4. Students interested in the following topics, who would cover these topics but could also eventually write on other topics: European Union and national security, Africa and national security, Asia and national security. 5. Students with deep expertise on other national security topics who might like to write for Lawfare. If you are interested please send (a) resume, transcript, and statement of interest, plus (b) specification of which of the tasks above you are interested in (it can be more than one), to, by Friday January 5.