Why Everyone Should Consider a Judicial Clerkship 2006

Have you considered applying for a judicial clerkship?  If not, why not?  Come hear distinguished panelists describe how their own clerkship experiences impacted their subsequent and varied career paths.  Panelists included a federal judge, a corporate general counsel, an assistant U.S. attorney, and a law school professor.  The discussion was directed both to 1Ls needing an introduction and 2Ls/3Ls facing the next application season.


The Honorable Keith Ellison
United States District Judge
Southern District of Texas
(clerked at the D.C. Circuit and U.S. Supreme Court)

Diana Song, HLS ’01
Assistant United States Attorney
Southern District of Texas
(clerked for Judge Ellison above)

Peter Emerson, HLS ’93
Pilot House Ventures (a venture capital firm)
(clerked for a district judge in Orlando)

Adriaan Lanni
Assistant Professor of Law
Harvard Law School
(clerked at the Ninth Circuit and Alaska Supreme Court)