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My colleagues and I have been busy reading applications since October and we have the paper cuts and bleary eyes to prove it! Since we have a rolling admissions process at HLS, some students have already received a decision about their application, while students who completed their applications later in the cycle are still being reviewed (and of course, since our deadline has been extended to March 1st, some may still be working on submitting).

Because some decisions have been issued, you may be wondering why you haven’t heard anything from the admissions office yet.  Some of you are worried that your application has fallen behind my desk and that I’ve forgotten about you.  I assure you that is not the case. (I checked behind my desk this morning.)  The truth is that there are many compelling candidates out there who we need to compare with the rest of our applicant pool and we just aren’t able to make a decision yet.  I can assure that if you haven’t heard from us that means your application is still under consideration.

The two most commonly asked questions we receive at this time of year are 1) When will I get a final decision from you? and 2) Is there something I can do while I wait?


  1. You will receive notification as soon as we reach a decision and everyone who applies by the application deadline will hear from us no later than mid-April (at that time, we will offer some people a spot on our waiting list).
  2. While you are waiting to hear from us, you can update us with new information if you have substantial updates to your application.  I strongly encourage college seniors to submit transcripts containing fall grades through LSAC. You can also send an update about a promotion at work, an honor or award you’ve recently won, a new job, or anything else you think could materially impact your application. Additional letters of recommendation are not necessary. Please note that other than transcripts, which should go through LSAC, all other updates can be sent via email or snail mail to our office.

I know the waiting is difficult but I assure you that we are still working hard in Cambridge and will be in touch with you as soon as we have a decision to share with you.