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In Boston, the Petey Greene Program coordinates volunteers to support the college program run by the Boston University Prison Education Program, which grants an accredited Bachelors degree from BU to groups of students at three local prisons, as well as education programs in which students are studying for their high school equivalency degrees. Each semester, we have a cohort of volunteers who serve as TAs for specific college courses, lead weekly study halls, tutor students who are in the process of applying to the BU program, or tutor one-on-one with students working towards their high school equivalency degrees. Volunteers make a weekly time commitment for the semester, which is in between 3.5 and 5.5 hours including transportation, depending on the type of volunteering and facility placement.

Please fill out our application, and if you have interest in the independent study or other options, please reach out to our volunteer coordinator Eric Seligman at, a Harvard Graduate School of Education ’16 who volunteered as a TA last Spring in the context of an independent study. Petey Greene Fall 2016 volunteering application: