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Dear HLS Faculty and Staff,

We have just been notified that VoIP phone features call forwarding (CF) and single number reach (SNR) to external numbers (cellphones and non-Harvard lines) are not currently working. HUIT is working with Verizon on the issue.   Note that lines forwarded to voicemail are not impacted.

As an interim workaround you can login to the Harvard Phone Portal and forward calls to voicemail to manage inbound calls. You will need to be connected to VPN to login to the phone portal. Once you have logged into the phone portal using your HarvardKey login,

  1. Click the Call Forwarding button
  2. Click the arrow next to your number
  3. Check the box next to “Activate call forwarding & forward all calls to:”
  4. Choose “Voicemail” in the drop down box
  5. Click Save

Phone portal screen shot to forward calls to voicemail

ITS will notify the community when the problem has been resolved.

Thank you,