Update on 1L Career Advising from OPIA and OCS

Welcome to career advising at Harvard Law School! We enjoyed meeting the Class of 2023 during our introductory program on September 29. (If you missed the program, you can view the [link_to id=326690 title=”Career Planning: An Introduction to OPIA and OCS”]video and presentation slides[/link_to]). We are writing to provide additional information on meeting with OCS and OPIA.

1Ls can begin meeting with OCS and OPIA on October 15. OCS first appointments will be through group advising sessions, and OPIA will be offering both group and individual advising.  Both processes are detailed below.

OPIA offers group advising for 1Ls based on topic/subject matter. For example, OPIA will be hosting a group advising session on the federal government and the Department of Justice on October 19. You can access the [link_to id=321865 title=”OPIA Zoom Webinars”]complete list of group advising sessions[/link_to] on OPIA’s website and participate in group advising sessions relevant to your interests. You can also sign up for an individual advising session with OPIA. Please sign up for only one individual advising appointment before December 1 so that all students who want an OPIA appointment will be able to access an advisor.

OCS is launching a new advising program for the Class of 2023, where your first appointment will be with an advisor and small group of students from your section who share similar career interests. If you haven’t already done so, complete your 1L Survey as soon as possible if you would like to participate in an OCS small group session. If you indicated in your 1L Survey that you wanted your first appointment to be with OCS, you will be scheduled for a small group meeting at a time that works with your academic schedule and will be notified of the date, time, and Zoom information for during the week of October 19. Individual appointments will be available in the spring term when the 1L job search is in full swing.

Regardless of which office you initially meet with, take the following steps before you meet with an advisor to get the most out of your meeting:

  • Review the [link_to id=46489 title=”1L Job Search Overview”]overview of the 1L job search process[/link_to]
  • Review the [link_to id=12814 title=”Timeline for the 1L Job Search”]OCS [/link_to]and [link_to id=268135 title=”1L Guide to Summer Jobs”]OPIA [/link_to]timelines for your 1L search
  • Complete the [link_to id=46442 title=”Self Assessment”]self-assessment exercises[/link_to]

Finally, we want to remind you that there will be ample time in the winter and spring terms to secure summer employment, so feel free to begin your job search at the time that works best for you.

We look forward to partnering with you to help you achieve your career goals.