The Federal Reserve Bank of Boston seeks an intern to assist with analyzing the legal basis for including consideration of the end-users of the payments system (people) during design and operation of the payments system. This internship would begin with an opportunity to hear from the team at the Boston Fed working on the real-time payments system FedNow. This project would entail a review of relevant statutes and laws related to the Federal Reserve’s role in the payments system

Students should submit a resume and cover letter to Liz Solar at by 5pm on Thursday, August 11, 2022. 

Once students are selected by the Federal Reserve Bank, students will be required to submit an independent clinical application by August 26, 2022.  Please consult:

(This opportunity is not eligible to students on F-1 visas)

Prof. Desan will serve as the faculty sponsor.

Independent Clinical Application Deadline: 5pm Friday August 26, 2022

Questions may be directed to Liz Solar at .