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This page is designed to provide resources on how to most effectively handle working remotely.  It includes helpful links, tips and for navigating and making the most of our current situation.  We encourage you to utilize this information, share with others, and be in touch with us should you have additional content suggestions.

Principles to Keep in Mind

Principles to Keep in Mind

Illustration of a home office space

As we continue to work remotely, it is important to continue to assess your capacity and the demands of your job.  Be sure to check out our tip sheets for managers and employees on how to set expectations.

Also, if you need some advice on how to improve communications with your manager, read this article from the Society for HR Management.

Remember to continue to

  • Approach this reality with compassion and patience.
  • Set expectations, communicate deadlines or progress, and check in as normal.
  • Connect with your team daily or weekly.
  • Understand availability and be flexible.
  • Take a moment to reflect on the opportunity.

Remote Events for HLS Staff

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How to Actually Work

Harvard Business Reviews offers up this informative video of how to make working from home work for you.