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As some of you may have heard, this year we are replacing the Public Interest Auction with an exciting new campus tradition: The Public Interest Scavenger Hunt. The basic idea is that students will race each other across campus, searching for the answers to clues about the Law School’s rich public service past and present. The teams that get the most clues in the shortest amount of time will have their pick of prizes donated by the faculty. And our generous corporate sponsors will be making donations to HLS Public Interest Funding for every team of students that signs up.

We are in the midst of designing the Scavenger Hunt course itself, and we could use your help! If you know of items on campus (e.g., photos, statues, plaques), specific locations (e.g., clinics, student organizations, administrative offices), or people (e.g., faculty or staff members) who have some connection to our theme of public interest at HLS, please fill out this form to send us your ideas. If you can think of a clue to go with your suggestion, that’s even better. But we’re happy to take any and all suggestions!

The Scavenger Hunt will take place Friday, March 31 from 4-7pm. We expect we will likely need some volunteers to help register teams at the starting and finish lines, so if you would like to help out at the event itself, please feel free to email us at

Thank you in advance for helping us pull off the Greatest Scavenger Hunt that the Law School has ever seen!

All best,
Andrew Crespo & Micah Nemiroff