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The Environmental Law Program is offering five fellowships up to $10,000.00 to Harvard
Law School students doing work within the public interest environmental law field during
the summer of 2020. Qualifying work could include positions at government entities,
NGOs, or other public interest organizations working on issues such as climate change,
energy regulation, land acquisition and management, pollution control, carbon policy,
environmental justice, water quality, or biodiversity conservation. This is not an
exclusive list of employers or fields, and students are invited to think broadly about work
that might qualify.
Applicants should be students who are returning to HLS in the fall of 2020. Experience
with environmental law is not a requirement for the fellowship, and those new to the field
are encouraged to apply.
Applicants should first secure their summer position, and then apply for the fellowship;
applications by students who have not secured a summer position will not be
Applications should include: a description of the organization where the student will be
employed, a brief description of the summer projects the applicant will undertake, the
name of the applicant’s supervisor, a resume, transcript, and a statement of interest
conveying the reasons why the applicant was drawn to the job and any background the
applicant has in environmental law. Applications should be submitted by March 13th to
Kathy Curley at Successful applicants will be notified shortly
Questions regarding the T.A. Barron Fellowships should be directed to