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Happy New Year! Many students have returned to HLS for the January Winter Term, and the energy and bustle is slowly returning to campus along with them.

I wanted to take this opportunity to highlight an exciting summer internship opportunity for prospective students to work at the HLS Office of Public Interest Advising (OPIA). Read on for more information.

The Bernard Koteen Office of Public Interest Advising (OPIA) at Harvard Law School seeks undergraduates to work as paid summer interns during the summer of 2020. Our team of dedicated attorney advisors and administrators provide career counseling and support throughout the academic year to thousands of law students and alumni who are interested in pursuing public service work.

While this position is not a legal internship, it offers broad exposure to the legal profession, particularly for someone contemplating a career in public interest law, or exploring law school more generally.  OPIA summer interns also have the opportunity to take part in a lunch speaker series highlighting a wide range of public interest law practice options, and participate in a community service outing coordinated by our office. Last summer, OPIA hosted over 12 speakers.

Responsibilities: Assignments may include (but are not limited to) the following:

  • Perform general office duties, such as managing the front desk, fielding phone calls and emails from alumni and employers, photocopying, data entry, contributing to weekly communications, and miscellaneous project support.
  • Perform maintenance in our public service organization database by cleaning up information on employer profiles. This will include communicating directly with employers and organizations to find accurate information.
  • Help plan, organize and track event details for the upcoming academic year, and assist with planning for our Wasserstein Public Interest Fellows Program.
  • Help plan our annual Public Interest Interview Program, through which more than 100 employers recruit Harvard Law School students.
  • Work on redesigning and editing sections of our website, and help update and improve our online resources.
  • Update presentations made to students and faculty.
  • Draft or revise public service career specialty guides.
  • Assist with various research projects and synthesizing of information for internal and/or external use.
  • Assist with planning and coordination of post-graduate fellowships administered by OPIA.
  • Prepare our student appointment scheduling portal for the upcoming academic year.

Qualifications: OPIA is seeking students with a background or strong interest in public service as well as prior experience working in an administrative office environment. Interns should be enthusiastic team players who have strong attention to detail, excellent organizational and writing skills, the ability to self-start on projects, and facility in prioritizing competing deadlines effectively. A can-do attitude, ability to manage up, and sense of humor go a long way! This is a great opportunity to make significant contributions to an office that relies on interns to help us best serve our students.

Familiarity with Microsoft Office, Office 365, PC computer platforms, and some work in database systems is important. Knowledge of Word Press would be helpful, or experience working on websites generally.

Summer interns are paid positions: $12.75/hr, 35 hrs./week for 10 weeks of work (with flexibility to increase the number of weeks, should the student’s schedule allow). While the start date can be flexible, we prefer our interns to start in late May/early June. Housing is not provided, but resources can be provided to assist you in your search. Applicants are encouraged to list all employment experience on their resume.

We will consider qualified sophomores, juniors and seniors and, in some instances, recently graduated students, depending on their availability, with preference given to juniors. The internship is not open to freshmen or students entering or enrolled in law school.

Application Instructions: Please complete our application form. Applications must be received by March 20th, 2020. Incomplete applications will not be considered. Hiring will be done on a rolling basis, so students are encouraged to submit their applications early.