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Student Fellowship for HLS Students at Harvard Neuroethics Hub

The Harvard Neuroethics Hub Fellowship:
Neuroethics is a highly interdisciplinary, burgeoning field that breaks down traditional barriers between neuroscience, neuroengineering, law, history, philosophy, sociology, nursing, social work, psychiatry, neurology, neurosurgery, bioethics, biomedical innovation, genetics, and human rights among others, to rigorously interrogate the many implications of advances in brain science. Harvard has a wealth of academic scholars at senior and junior levels conducting high quality work in neuroethics, and the Harvard Neuroethics Hub was formed to catalyze longitudinal interdisciplinary scholarship, teaching, and mentorship activities. This Fellowship will allow students to work closely with a mentor in neuroethics, and further career development to become thought leaders within neuroethics.

Call for applications:
The Harvard Neuroethics Hub is seeking applications from those interested in neuroethics with expertise in one relevant discipline including but not limited to those above to become 2022-2023 Harvard Neuroethics Hub Fellows. Applicants must have a strong interest in neuroethics and be willing to engage in the serious academic pursuit of fulfilling the responsibilities of this fellowship. Eligibility includes a range of stages of training such as undergraduate students, graduate students, professional students, medical students, post-doctoral fellows, and training clinicians (such as psychology interns, residents, and fellows).

Responsibilities of fellows will include collaborating to organize events with an interdisciplinary and diverse panel on a particular topic in neuroethics and working on a related written publication, such as a book chapter, written proceedings, or special issue of a journal. Fellows will collaborate with a team of mentors who are experts in the field, and who will support and guide the process.

After satisfactory completion of the fellowship year, fellows will be paid $1,200.

Please apply via this Google Form