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The Servant Leadership Trek will take place from March 14-19, 2020 in Vatican City. A diverse delegation of graduate students from across Harvard University will visit Vatican City to understand how to leverage their prestigious education and experiences in becoming better global leaders. The Catholic Church’s ability to fulfill its mission serving humanity around the world presents many lessons on leadership. In previous years, the HVLS has explored the Holy See’s work in a variety of areas such as:
International diplomacy
Climate Change
Education and the Family
Business and finance
Refugees and humanitarianism
Human trafficking
Participation in HVLS 2020 will involve pre-summit preparatory sessions, panels in Vatican City, historic tours and more. We do not presume that students have explicit religious or faith-based reasons for participating. Indeed, we welcome students from all backgrounds and with various motivations to apply. Applications are due by Nov. 4, 2019. Use this link to apply:

To learn more about the Summit—like its logistics, participation fee and selection process–please e-mail