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Spotlight on the Berkman Center for Internet and Society


The Berkman Center for Internet and Society has a number of new faces on their team and interesting projects scheduled for the fall. Lauren Reed and Paige Pascarelli asked the Center about some of the fall happenings. Enjoy!

Tell us about some of Berkman’s new projects for the fall.  Are there any in particular that you are most excited about?

The Berkman Center has nearly two dozen active research projects, spanning the range from privacy to freedom of expression to digital humanities. One of our most exciting endeavors this fall is the Digital Problem Solving Initiative (DPSI), a University-wide program to match students with mentors from various backgrounds to collaboratively tackle real-life matters of technical policy, practice and design. We are particularly proud of the interdisciplinary nature of DPSI as we go into its second year with key support from Dean Minow, President Faust and faculty from multiple schools. DPSI offers all participants the opportunity to enhance and cultivate competency in various digital literacies as teams engage with research, design, and policy work relating to the Harvard community. Students will work closely with – and be mentored by – Harvard faculty, fellows, and staff in collaborative teams that will build and shape the increasingly digital environment in which we live, learn, work, and create.

DPSI website

Any upcoming events HLS staff might be interested in?

There are always interesting events happening at the Berkman Center. You can find the list of upcoming events at  They’re open to the public, and we encourage interested HLS staffers/faculty to attend.

One upcoming event that might be of particular interest to the HLS community is:

The Great Firewall Inverts with Berkman Fellow Nathan Freitas

January 13, 2014 at 12:30 pm
Berkman Center for Internet & Society
23 Everett Street, Second Floor, Cambridge, MA  02138
RSVP required for those attending in person
Event will be webcast live at 12:30 pm.

Look for more details on our website events page or sign up for our mailing list to keep tabs on what we’re up to.

Are there any new faces at Berkman this fall?  What role will they play at the Center? Do you employ many students and what is the extent of their involvement with the center?

Always. Over the summer we have welcomed several new staff members, including Associate Director Sue Kriegsman, formerly of Harvard’s Office for Scholarly Communications and Harvard University Libraries; staff assistant Annie Pruitt, a 2014 graduate of Middlebury College; Cyberlaw Clinic coordinator Kira Hessekiel, a 2013 Tufts graduate who spent the past year teaching English in France; Clinical Instructor Vivek Krishnamurthy, recently of Foley Hoag LLP where he was an associate in the International and Corporate Social Responsibility Practices; and Communications Manager Gretchen Weber, who joins us from Google, where she led a team of content strategists.  We’ve also just welcomed a new class of fellows and affiliates, comprised of academics, researchers, journalists, entrepreneurs, and activists who will be focusing on a broad range of Internet-related topics including the role of digital literacy in youth behavior, data protection and privacy laws, and technological innovations in media.  Two of our fellows focused on journalism innovation are joint Nieman-Berkman Journalism Fellows, and as such they participate fully in both the Nieman and Berkman fellowship programs and serve as a conduit between the two programs. The Berkman community of fellows, faculty associates, and affiliates includes representatives from 24 countries.

Fellows List | 2014-2015 Community List

There are lots of opportunities for students to be involved at Berkman, including employment.  This fall we have been in the process of hiring students for more than a dozen projects, including Youth and Media, Internet Monitor, and Media Cloud.  More needs will likely come up throughout the year.  We also engage with students through our Digital Problem Solving Initiative events and through informal mentoring and collaboration.