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Spotlight on Facilities

After a winter of unforgettable amounts of snow, Lauren Reed and Paige Pascarelli asked Amy Bonina about the impact of the many snowstorms on the Facilities department.  Many thanks to Amy for her oversight and coordination during the inclement weather and to all of the custodial and grounds staff for all of their hard work to keep our campus pathways snow and ice free!

Anything that might surprise HLS staff about what goes into keeping our sidewalks, etc., cleared?

 It may be surprising for staff to know that many of our Custodial, Grounds, Security and Facilities staff have stayed overnight to make sure they could be here for the storms.  Not only for snow removal but to make sure that any Facilities issues would be covered.  With public transportation limitations, we needed to make sure staff were here.  We arranged for temporary shelter with beds and for pre-made lunches for staff who were here.  Facilities staff also have been patrolling campus to make sure areas are clear both afterhours and on weekends.  They also have been clearing roofs and icicles. It has really been a group effort!

What’s been the most challenging part of dealing with all this snow?

The most challenging part has probably been the frequency.  Staff have been working hard to clear campus and then once it’s clear, another storm would come.  Also the timing of the storms occurred mostly after hours and on weekends.  The last storm was extremely windy—creating difficult conditions for working and the ability to clear areas, but they did an incredible job!

You can see dump trucks carting snow out of the city.  Does/did HLS have any snow trucked out?  

Yes, HLS had to haul some snow to the collection site in Allston.  This alleviated some of the large piles of snow around campus and areas where there was a need for clear views and for safety.

What impact has all of this snow had on your daily operations?

The snow has taken up a large amount of our Custodial staff and Grounds crew’s time over the past few weeks.  Custodial clears entrances and stairs and Grounds clears all walkway, sidewalks, and drives.  On the days / nights of the storms, staff have been working around the clock to make sure all areas are clear and safe.  Luckily, Custodial Management has been able to balance staffing so well that Custodial has been able to handle the daily Custodial needs and Events set up / break down needs as well.

We want to thank all the staff for their extremely hard work and commitment during these past storms. 

FMO Custodial Management and their staff (not listed):

Marcus Calegar

Joao Amado

Patricia Gonzalez

Walter Martinez

Abelino Juarez

Carlos Guerrero

Christopher Izaguirre

FMO Grounds Staff:

Joe Rebeiro

Mike Bognanno

John Breen

Paulo Mira

Jim Felton

Fernando Ardon