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September 2022 New Employees

Welcome to HLS!

We’d like to welcome 12 New Employees to Harvard this month!

Isabella Callahan

Research Specialist
Department: Access to Justice Lab
Joining HLS from: UMass Lowell
Fun Fact: I have 67 exotic animals! (Parrots, snakes, tarantulas, frogs, axolotls, big lizards, iguanas, tegus)

Alexandra Genovese

Executive Assistant
Department: Alumni Relations

Gabriella Giangregorio

Assistant Director of Alumni Relations
Department: Alumni Center
Joining HLS from: Lasell University
Fun Fact: I love watching Sunday football with friends and family!

You Jeen Ha

Program Coordinator
Department: Berkman Klein

Faith Jablokow

Research Associate
Department: Program on Corporate Governance

Victoria Johnson

Admissions and Financial Aid Coordinator
Department: Graduate Program

Nicholas Lindseth

Program Coordinator
Department: Berkman Klein Center
Joining HLS from: Oxford Internet Institute
Fun Fact: I love James Joyce

Madeline McGee

Project Coordinator
Department: Berkman Klein Center

Arlenie Oglesby

Faculty Assistant
Department: FSS

Wonderly Peralta

Program Coordinator
Department: Executive Education
Joining HLS from: San Jose, CA
Fun Fact: I can skateboard

Natalie Shelton-May

Faculty Assistant
Department: FSS
Joining HLS from: Helping Hands Monkey Helpers
Fun Fact: I play drums/percussion in a band

Alora Thomas-Lundborg

Strategic Director of Litigation and Advocacy
Department: Charles Hamilton Houston Institute for Race & Justice
Joining HLS from: the Voting Rights Project
Fun Fact: I am currently listening to 5 different podcasts about House of the Dragon.

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