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Sarah Winsberg seeks research assistants in legal history of common law, labor, slavery, and capitalism

Sarah Winsberg seeks up to 3 research assistants to work on current projects on the legal history of common law, labor, slavery, and capitalism.

The first project examines laws of “slave hiring,” the practice of enslaved people working for others in exchange for payment to the slaveholder. The RA will primarily collect, read, and assess historical cases fitting the project’s parameters. The ideal RA will have substantial availability in the first two thirds of the spring semester.

The next project relates to the history of the employee-independent contractor boundary. The RA will collect and assess early 20th-century cases testing eligibility for worker benefits in state courts.

The third project uses early American history of legal writing to inform theories of common law change. Here, the RA will help identify present-day examples building on Sarah’s historical findings and may also do lit review work.

To apply for this position, please write to with your resume and a few sentences explaining your interest. Please specify which project(s) interest you and your availability for the semester.