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With your 1L summer under your belt, we hope you will be able to carve out time to reflect on your experience and identify takeaways from your summer work with respect to your interests and personal career goals. As you continue to prepare for the V-PIIP program, you should also consider the following:

  • 2L Job Search Timeline: Our job search timeline for the summer and fall provides an overarching structure to your 2L public interest job search. You will need to adjust the timeline to take into account the hiring practices of the types of organizations you are targeting. Also, be sure to read OPIA’s weekly emails for announcements from employers with early deadlines for their summer internship programs.
  • V-PIIP Bidding: As we discussed in our V-PIIP orientation webinar, V-PIIP is an excellent way (but not the only way!) for 2Ls to secure summer internships with public interest employers of interest. Read our step-by-step guide to V-PIIP bidding in Symplicity CSM.
  • V-PIIP Offer Guidelines: While timelines for responding to offers will vary across participating employers, you should plan on responding within two weeks, at the latest. Most public sector employers will have other candidates in the pipeline whom they will not want to lose if you choose not to accept or delay responding. Learn more about how to communicate with employers after receiving an offer.
  • V-PIIP Offers and EIP: The delay of EIP until January means that if you’re unsure about whether you would prefer private or public sector work for your 2L summer, you will be able to do at least an initial public interest job search before speaking to law firms. Note, however, that offers made through V-PIIP cannot be held open until January. OPIA and OCS advisors are available to work with individual students to accommodate their concerns and determine an approach to the 2L recruiting cycle that balances their interests and priorities.For students who feel that EIP is their priority for next summer, know that while some public interest organizations will have completed their hiring by then, there are many great organizations that will continue to hire later in the winter and spring.
  • V-PIIP Offers and Split Summers: Many nonprofits and government agencies will allow split summers, but not all of them do. If splitting is something you’re considering, find out whether an organization has a minimum number of required weeks or fixed start dates by checking HELIOS evaluations or the organization’s website, or by talking to former interns.Students should wait until they have received a job offer before broaching the subject of a split summer with a participating V-PIIP employer. If you ultimately choose to accept a public interest internship through V-PIIP, but also plan to participate in EIP in January, you should be upfront about this commitment in your communications with law firms. We strongly encourage students considering a split summer between a private and public sector employer to seek advice from OCS as well as OPIA.

V-PIIP Deadlines