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The project is a paper on ‘Legal Evolution, Contract Evolution, and Standardization.’ The part we need RA work for concerns the joint evolution of contracts and contract law with imperfect enforcement. We model a framework of incomplete contracts that are enforced with some judicial discretion.

The evolution of precedents reduces judges’ leeway, but still allows for the introduction of new evidence. Thus, litigation and case law underpin a stochastic process of gradual improvement in contracts and their enforcement.

We’re looking for an RA with legal knowledge to help us find and develop concrete examples of: 1) judicial discretion in contract cases; 2) the evolution of contract law through precedents; 3) changes in contract terms inspired by case law. Our own contractual details are that we can pay € 20 per hour (currently $25 but we pay in euros) with 24.75% tax withholding from Spain.

Timing is flexible to accommodate the RA’s schedule, though the work has to be done in 2014 and I’m here only until December 21. The number of hours would be flexible, but I don’t think this should take very long. Please contact Prof. Giacomo Ponzetto (visiting at Harvard Econ) if interested at