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Prof. Roberto Unger Looking for Teaching Assistants

Professor Unger is looking for Law and Kennedy School students who would be interested in serving as a teaching assistant to teach an undergraduate section in each of two courses scheduled to be taught in the Spring semester of the current 2022-2023 academic year: Political Economy and its Future and Progressive Alternatives: Institutional Reconstruction Now.
The courses are open to both graduate students (including Law and Kennedy School students) and undergraduate students and are co-offered by the Faculty of Arts and Sciences (under the Government Department), the Kennedy School, and the Law School. The teaching assistants may teach in both courses, or in only one of them. It will be an advantage, although it is not necessary, to have taken either or both these courses as an enrolled graduate student in a prior year. It is also possible to take either or both as an enrolled graduate student in the same year in which that student serves as a teaching assistant for undergraduates.
The teaching assistant will be remunerated by the Faculty of Arts and Sciences. You will be expected to be teach a weekly discussion section, to read two brief response papers that undergraduates write during the semester as well as a longer one to be written in the final weeks of the course, and to participate actively in the main class discussion.
If you think you might be interested, please send a brief statement of interest and your CV, with all your contacts, to Mr. Unger’s assistant, Caroline Fitzgerald,